there's a ghost in my lungs


It's not so much about me, it's moreso about why you are here.

I’ve had this set of photos for almost 3 years and i’ve finally done something with them. 

How to love your depressed lover.
Last night I thought I kissed the loneliness from out your belly button. I thought I did, but later you sat up, all bones and restless hands, and told me there is a knot in your body that I cannot undo. I never know what to say to these things. “It’s okay.” “Come back to bed.” “Please don’t go away again.” Sometimes you are gone for days at a time and it is all I can do not to call the police, file a missing person’s report, even though you are right there, still sleeping next to me in bed. But your eyes are like an empty house in winter: lights left on to scare away intruders. Except in this case I am the intruder and you are already locked up so tight that no one could possibly jimmy their way in. Last night I thought I gave you a reason not to be so sad when I held your body like a high note and we both trembled from the effort.
Some people, though, are sad against all reason, all sensibility, all love. I know better now. I know what to say to the things you admit to me in the dark, all bones and restless hands. “It’s okay.” “You can stay in bed.” “Please come back to me again.

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I can’t breath

when will i 
cease to see
the good in you
hurting me?
I love so much 
thing you do
but you won’t
let me
of you 

I feel it is rewarding in more ways than none the ability I have to see the greatness in everyone. I like being a doormat, I accept myself. 

I feel it is rewarding in more ways than none the ability I have to see the greatness in everyone. I like being a doormat, I accept myself. 

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wer will mir die haare schneiden?



wer will mir die haare schneiden?

Kill the part of me that wanes with sadness,
Will you? 

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I wish I could throw off the thoughts which poison my happiness. And yet I take a kind of pleasure in indulging them.

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tunnel vision


I am overwhelmed 
to an enormity of a couch 
confined to
the settling and unsettling 
of air
filling and unfilling 
my lungs

I am sinking
although I took a better
breath today
I am in and out 
of emptiness
like the window

fixed, open
empty all the time
on the same goddamn street and buildings
because it has to be
and I—I am fixed too 

fixed on it’s condition 
to remain 

as if
before the world 
would cause it to fall
anything less
of a window

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Étude sur le phénomène de l’amour, technique mixte sur papier, 38 x 56 cm. Par Stéphanie Béliveau.

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Dan Mountford

Dan Mountford


How To Read A 223-Page Novel In Just 77 Minutes 

Spritz is a company that makes a speed-reading technology which allows you to get through a mass of text, reading every word, in a fraction of the time it would take if you were turning the pages of a book or swiping through a Kindle.

The basis of Spritz concept is that much of the time spend reading is “wasted” on moving your eyes from side to side, from one word to the next. By flashing the words quickly, one after the other, all in the same place, eye movement is reduced almost to zero. All that’s left is the time you take to process the word before the next one appears.

The company is selling licenses for other companies who might want to use the technology in operating systems, applications, wearables, and websites. Obviously, the tiny screen of a smart watch instantly springs to mind.

But the real revelation of Spritz is in trying it yourself.

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